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Granite Ware 19" Covered Oval Roaster 0510-4
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Granite Ware 19" Covered Oval Roaster 0510-4

List Price: $28.95
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Browns better and cooks more evenly

Dark interior absorbs ovens energy

Product Details:
Product Length: 19.13 inches
Product Width: 13.5 inches
Product Height: 4.75 inches
Product Weight: 3.55 pounds
Package Length: 18.0 inches
Package Width: 13.0 inches
Package Height: 5.5 inches
Package Weight: 3.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 411 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 411 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

168 of 169 found the following review helpful:

4Make sure you get the right size (actual measurements below)Dec 30, 2012
By ringo
I've been using the Graniteware 19-Inch Oval Roaster for years, and I've always been very happy with the results. When this year's Thanksgiving turkey was unacceptably dry, therefore, I knew it was user error - the turkey was a bit over eight pounds, and that was just way too much space around the bird.

Leaping to my Amazon account, I immediately ordered the 15", which arrived in good order two days later, followed by mirth all around. While the description says the 15" can handle up to a 12 pound bird, you'll need a mallet to get it to fit. Back to Amazon to order the 18" for next year (why 18 and not 17? One of life's little mysteries).

The measurements in the Amazon titles are from the ends of the handles. Here are the actual measurement of the three roasters (Depending on the brand of turkey, and how big of a roast rack you're using, the lid may not close for bigger birds):

19" - interior length is 16", interior width is 12". 14 to 19+ pound turkey.
18" - interior length is 15", interior width is 11". 9 to 14- pounders.
15" - interior length is 13", interior width is 9". 9 pounds or below.

I don't own the 13", but it's meant for chicken-sized poultry, and has a different style of handle.

Given the low Amazon price, I decided to keep all three roasters. Since they nest, they don't take up much more storage space than just the 19" alone. See my picture for the three of them nested, with inverted lids.

(Update - it looks like Amazon fixed the description for the turkey size, but they're still using the handle-to-handle measurements)

173 of 180 found the following review helpful:

5REAL Granite Ware - Made in the USA!Nov 18, 2009
By Justfornow "Liveinthenow"
You'll see "Granite Ware" or "Graniteware" on lots of pans with this look, but they are not all the real thing. Amazon carries some of these fakes, so be aware, because the fakes are junky by comparison - they are thinner, the edges are sharp (not rolled,) the handles are also sharp and flimsy, etc. - I researched it, and ALL the quality complaints for Granite Ware on Amazon are for imitations made OFFSHORE (Mexico, China, et al.) Thats also the reason for the lower prices sometimes found in stores - the pans are knockoffs.
If the label on your pan does NOT say "Made in the USA" you did NOT get real Graniteware! (Also, REAL Granite Ware covered roasters have "USA" EMBOSSED under the handle of the lid.) So try to get the real American Granite Ware - it will not disappoint you!

PS Excellent roasting & browning at LOW temps! We use 275 degrees (at most) and always get great results whether roasting Turkey, Chicken, Beef, or Lamb.

98 of 101 found the following review helpful:

5Perfect Turkey Every TimeNov 22, 2007
By Stepper
Wonderful product. I'm always puzzled when the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Roast Angst comes around. So much fuss & stress when all you have to do is put your bird in one of these, put the lid on, stick it in the oven at 325, take the lid off in the end for about 15 minutes to crisp the skin, and voila! Best turkey you ever ate. Cleans up easily with soap & water, too. Can you believe people pay big bucks for All-Clad & Calphalon roasters when all you need is this old-fashioned pan?

57 of 61 found the following review helpful:

5Just like Mom's!Feb 08, 2008
By D. Sarkar
I'd been using a stainless steel roaster and couldn't figure out why my turkey always took TWICE as long to cook....so frustrating!
The first time I used this roaster, it was my best turkey ever...perfect color and flavor, and finished on time! Also, it's sturdy and easy to heft in and out of the oven, unlike the back-breaking stainless steel monstrosity. 17 stars!

48 of 51 found the following review helpful:

5best roasting panMay 31, 2007
By Karen G. Saulich
I had this exact roasting pan for 20 years,finally it started dripping on the bottom.I looked all over for the exact same pan,and by accident while buying something else on amazon i saw it.I ordered it as fast as i could.I have used it about a week after i got it,same as my old one.Now my old pan is in the garbage.Hope this lasts as long as the other.Very happy with this product,thought i wouldn't find another.

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